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With more than 200 delegates, 30 exhibitors,  workshops and sessions, it’s where Youth gets  Motivated with top of the line speakers, leaders,  incredible interactive exhibits, cutting edge solutions,  world-class networking, incredible ideas and  opportunities, in-depth education and off-the-chart  experiences, as we seek to create the future we want  by working in collaboration with parents, community  leaders, schools and the police.

The main objectives of the Youth Leadership Forum  & Expo 2020 are:

  • Empower youth through implementing life long and  versatile management skills
  • Equip youth with positive expectations for the future  Invoke optimistic behavior and sense of responsibility  Strong personal coping strategies and belief in oneself


  • Monitored peer counseling sessions  Informative sessions with youth influencers
  • Create positive networking amongst the community  and youth

Theme: The Future We Want

The forum will provide an opportunity for the  youth to share with Leaders their challenges  as they provide solutions on how they can  overcome them. There will be information  desks available whereby the youth can  engage with. This Youth Leadership Forum  will help youth to understand the issues,  build a plan of action and realize their  potential.

Components of the Forum will include  training and advice on Leadership and  Empowerment in their field of choice and  mentor’s support.

What To Expect At The Youth Forum

We will hear from Annual GLOBAL Youth  leaders who are transforming the world. The  event will bring together young  entrepreneurs, private companies, civil  society organizations, development partners,  representatives from the Government of  Canada and other countries that will be  invited. Let’s get together to explore the  concepts of exploitation, poverty and the  importance of education.


The Discovery Hall

This segment of the event provides ample  visibility and opportunity for technology  start-ups with high growth potential to  unveil their technology innovations, opening  them up for a share of mind of potential  sponsors and venture capitalists, as well as  early adopters of their technologies.


When the Youth Leadership and Empowerment Forum doors open,  companies that have signed up for any of the highlighted sponsorships  below, will have the opportunity to showcase their company name,  brand and products to attendees. We have the tools to help with brand  promotion and visibility throughout the event. All opportunities are  flexible, customizable and transitional.

Sponsorship slots are highly competitive and tend to go really  fast as we allocate them on a first-come, first-served basis.